Focus on Sustainability

Focus on Sustainability In close cooperation with Lendager Architects, Burnblock have completed a very exiting projects, where old window frames have been transformed into beautiful wall panels. Burnblock delivered the non-toxic and sustainable fire classification, that made the project possible

Denmark set the direction

Denmark set the direction for possibilities for increasing wood in construction The production of steel and concrete are more CO2 heavy than the production of wood based materials. Using wood based materials for construction in stead of steel and concrete can generate significant reductions in the emission of Denmark‘s greenhouse gases. By increasing the use[…]

New cooperation with SKLEJKA-MULTI SA

We are pleased to inform, that we have now started cooperation with SKLEJKA-MULTI SA,, who is one of the leading producers of plywood in Poland, about production of FR plywood in both Polish pine as well as birch. As SKLEJKA-MULTI SA is FSC certified, they will be able to produce plywood, that together with Burnblock’s[…]