Natural fibers

Burnblock has developed a unique high concentrate fire-retardant for industrial application. The industrial application is typically applied in in a flow process or batch production. During the process fibres/plants are turned into building materials like boards, matts and different types of insulation and acoustic solutions.

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Examples of types of fibres are:

  • Wood fibres – eg. MDF, LDF, HDF, OSB chipboards
  • Other natural fibres/plants – eg. seagrass, hemp, rice husk
  • Recycled fibres – eg. textile, cardboard/paper

The building materials can include combinations of the above as well as being combined with other types of fibre materials.

The high concentrate solution, 50% solid content, is designed to optimise production in various ways depending on the characteristics of the fibres/plants, the resin and the colour added.

Fit for Purpose

Unconventional solutions require an unconventional approach.

You have an idea that does not fit into the current standards for fire tests?

We will turn it into a ready-made plan. We always approach new applications individually and with full commitment.


Our partners for service impregnation will be pleased to advice you about wood and wood treatment with Burnblock®.