It is difficult to imagine modern construction without the use of plywood, which thanks to Burnblock® fire-retardant impregnation can achieve a fire resistance class of B-s1;d0. We can find them in schools, hotels, stadiums, theaters, hospitals, shopping malls and airports all over the world. Fire-resistant plywood is also a valued material and eagerly used in transport.

Fire retardant wood materials are constantly finding new applications. We also meet them in other industries, including as a raw material for the production of furniture, floor composites or exhibition infrastructure.

Moreover, Burnblock is:

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Public transport


For materials used in railways, the EN 45545-2 standard applies, which specifies the requirements for reaction to fire for materials and components used in passenger land transport vehicles running on rails (wagons, locomotives, trams). Thanks to the Burnblock® fire-retardant impregnation, they can achieve fire resistance, thus increasing the safety of passengers.

Fit for Purpose

Unconventional solutions require an unconventional approach.

You have an idea that does not fit into the current standards for fire tests?

We will turn it into a ready-made plan. We always approach new applications individually and with full commitment.


Our partners for service impregnation will be pleased to advice you about wood and wood treatment with Burnblock®.