About Us

Burnblock – development to the highest standards

We are an enterprising company, characterised at heart by a pioneering spirit and the courage to follow new paths.

The background for developing an environmentally friendly fire retardant comes from a desire to solve a specific problem in a different and innovative way.

Through systematic, targeted research and documentation, we develop sustainable, industrial solutions for fire resistance.

We do it by:

It is essential in our business dealings that our actions are driven by honesty, consistency and transparency.

Our joint results and success are created by our ambitions and our motivation to win.

By sharing our ideas and contributing with individual strengths, we ensure competetiveness throughout the entire value chain.

By doing the right things and by avoiding complexity, our joint efficiency ensures customer satisfaction.


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Our hard work and dedication to developing an environmentally friendly fire retardant is backed by a desire to solve a specific problem in a different and innovative way. Our efforts have been appreciated by non-governmental organizations. These achievements would not have been possible without the strong commitment of our Partners, our Shareholders, our Board of Directors and a Team full of fighting spirit.

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Board of Directors

Burnblock Advisory Board

Burnblock®, the supplier of natural and non-toxic fire retardant solutions for wood and natural fiber products, has appointed four non-executive members to its board, as the company ramps up its plans for growth in international markets. Henrik Lyngbye Pedersen continues as Board Chair.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Burnblock’s commitment to sustainability and how we conduct ourselves in the marketplace includes respect for universally recognised principles on human rights, including labour rights, our responsibility to the environment and our approach to anti-corruption.

Therefore, we seek to ensure that our own employees and our suppliers operate in accordance with the aims and objectives contained in our CSR Policy.


Testing Institutes & Organisations

Burnblock collaborates with many Test Institutes and Organisations on the testing of materials treated with Burnblock.

Our partners contribute to continuous research, development and documentation of all types of fire retardants to ensure implementation of the latest know-how in the field in the ongoing development of Burnblock® fire retardant.