Can varnished plywood be B-s1d0?

Contemporary interior architecture loves plywood. Its popularity is due to its natural origin and somewhat raw character. Add to that its solid functional parameters, and success is guaranteed. We welcome it into interiors as designer furniture and wall coverings, including in communication routes. Therefore, in addition to fire protection, we should think about something else. Unfortunately, despite the long list of plywood advantages, unprotected wood quickly gets dirty.

What to do to maintain cleanliness and not lose the qualities of fire-resistant impregnation?

Meet Burnblock® Lacquer. It’s our natural and toxic-free fire-resistant agent for internal use, which, combined with pine plywood impregnated with Burnblock®, ensures class B-s1,d0. The lacquer is fire-neutral and does not contribute to its development. It is colorless in itself and can provide a subtle gloss of matt on the surface. You can also add white pigment for a stronger coloration. Application is done with a brush, roller, or spray.

The product has CE marking, guaranteeing that it meets the requirements and directives of the European Union regarding safety, health protection, and environmental impact. In other words, it’s a commercial quality and compliance mark with the European market. Fully certified fire protection is possible with the use of the two-component LW-121/45/BB lacquer. Don’t know how to work with it? Contact us, we’ll help.