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CE Mark is the foundation

Effectiveness that is not supported by credible research and documentation is of little value on the international stage. At Burnblock®, we have gone a long way to obtain numerous certificates and environmental declarations to assist our clients in achieving their goals. In this article, we will introduce you to one of the most common and important certifications for European businesses — the CE Mark.

The CE Mark is a key indicator of a product’s compliance with the legal requirements of the European Union, enabling its sale within the European Economic Area and in Turkey. It signifies that the product has undergone testing by the manufacturer and has been deemed to meet EU requirements in terms of health, safety, and environmental protection. CE Marking is mandatory and must be affixed before the product is placed on the market.

Fire classification is not everything. The requirement for a CE Mark covers various product groups, including those in the construction and timber industries (e.g., construction wood), subject to EU specifications and regulations. This applies to both wood sold for large investments and roof trusses in residential construction. In o ther words, it cannot be avoided if one wants to manufacture, sell, or build in today’s European market.


The product marking with the CE symbol is also associated with AVCP. Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance is a harmonized system defining the way products are assessed. It applies in Europe, especially in the areas of protecting human life. Wherever you work with fire, you are subject to the AVCP procedure at level 1/1+.

Levels indicate the degree of advancement. While certification at levels 4, 3, 2 proceeds quite straightforwardly, for 1 and 1+, it requires an external audit, referred to as a notified body. It is a key element in the process of CE marking for construction products, so all the processes must adhere to the CE requirements.

Notified body allows for an unequivocal determination of whether the wood submitted to the verification system is the same as the one reaching the customer. The assessment results and factory production control allow for checking that the performance does not change over time. The AVCP system checks the procedures manufacturers have to follow to declare the performance of each essential characteristic, such as test methods, tabulated values, etc. Manufacturers are obliged to use these procedures for the testing of samples and also define detailed factory production control. The AVCP system applicable to each essential characteristic will, in some cases, require that a Notified Body performs some additional tasks. Detailed information on this topic can be found in document NB_CPR 15/639.

Burnblock® enables its partners to obtain AVCP at the highest levels 1/1+.

Advantages of having the CE Mark

The CE Mark allows for the free movement of goods without the need for additional certificates confirming compliance with EU standards. Thanks to harmonized product safety regulations, products from one member state can be introduced into others, which is a significant advantage for manufacturers and investors. Before placing the CE Mark on the packaging, successful completion of the certification process is necessary. The manufacturer declares independently that the product complies with all legal requirements, supported by relevant tests.

Certification process step by step:

  1. Selection of the appropriate directives
  2. Selection of the product conformity assessment procedure
  3. Selection of harmonized standards
  4. Hazard analysis
  5. Placement of the CE Mark on the packaging
  6. Conformity assessment

Is it worth conducting tests related to CE certification? Absolutely. Firstly, they confirm the product’s compliance with current requirements, standards, and EU regulations. Secondly, tests are crucial for confirming product quality among buyers. Thirdly, the CE certificate is internationally recognized.

However, there are exceptions, as outlined below.

CE in the United Kingdom (UKCA)

After Brexit, the United Kingdom introduced its own certification system, denoted by the UKCA symbol. From January 1, 2023, products entering the UK market must have UKCA certification instead of CE certification. The possibility of using CE certification still exists in Northern Ireland. It is important to note that products marked with CE also fall under UKCA marking. Detailed compliance verification and placing the new symbol on the packaging are the responsibility of the importer.
The CE Mark must be placed on the product, its label, or nameplate in accordance with the specified CE Mark format, visibly, legibly, and indelibly. It consists of the letters CE, with both letters having the same vertical size and not being smaller than 5 mm unless otherwise specified in the product’s relevant requirements. The UKCA symbol should be placed nearby.

If we’re talking about convergence with the previously discussed AVCP system, the notified body is replaced by recognized body here. Apart from that, the procedure remains unchanged.

CE vs. China Export

Attention! Another visually similar mark, unrelated to CE or UKCA, is in use — China Export. This illegally placed marking aims to mislead consumers within the European Union. It can be identified by the following details:

  • In CE, the letters are enclosed in a circle and overlap, like two rings
  • In China Export, the letter E begins where the vertical part of the letter C ends
  • In CE, the middle line does not reach the end of the letter E
  • In China Export, the middle line of E extends to the very end

The use of the China Export mark on products in the EU is prohibited and subject to fines.


Burnblock® powder and liquid bear the CE Mark and AVCP 1/1+. As a company, we also hold many other internationally respected certificates, declarations, and awards, including EPD®, Cradle to Cradle Certified® at the GOLD level, and Green Product Award 2020.

With our experience, we can assist not only in achieving B-s1d0 for your end product but also at every stage of the certification process and associated research, both for CE and other certificates. Feel free to contact us at

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