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Bergsten Timber in Burnblock® – We focus on quality, trust, and full documentation

Bergsten Timber is the official partner of Lunawood in Denmark. Their extensive range includes ThermoWood®, a material that needs no introduction. However, not everyone knows that Bergsten Timber handles its impregnation. The link that connects thermo wood to the final product is the Burnblock fire-retardant. Therefore, we discussed the details of this fruitful long-term collaboration with great interest.

Impregnation is the foundation of effective protection against fire, smoke, and potential fire development. Denmark is known for its conscious approach to the natural environment and human safety. The Finnish producer Lunawood embodies these traits. Bergsten Timber, a Danish leader in the timber industry, handles both the sale and impregnation of their products. First, the raw material is processed at their trusted partner, Protræ. Following this, Danish Antifire impregnates the timber with Burnblock®.

We discussed the details of the collaboration between the two companies with Christian Lyng, who has been part of the Bergsten Timber team for over six years:

People who want wood in their surroundings value it for its beauty and durability in harmony with nature. Therefore, they don’t want unnecessary chemicals in the mix. We often discuss this with architects.

The absence of harmful ingredients in Burnblock is always a valuable argument in discussions. Especially since everything we say, we can document. Our thermo-modified products have PEFC certification, and on request, we deliver goods with the Swan Ecolabel. Although times and the market change, our approach in this matter remains the same. We value honesty, transparency, and building long-term relationships based on trust. This is our common denominator with companies Lunawood and Burnblock.

says Christian Lyng, Sales and Projects Consultant at Bergsten Timber

Moreover, the combination of Lunawood raw materials and Bergsten Timber’s capabilities provides unlimited and highly flexible production possibilities for both large and small projects with specific client requirements. This includes profiles, processing, and especially fire impregnation.

Bergsten Timber, using the Burnblock formula, ensures B-s1,d0 for end products made from ThermoWood raw material. All this without compromising or even harming ecology and full project documentation. The tangible effect of extensive cooperation is numerous projects:

University Park in the Student district RUC

In the redevelopment of the dormitory district in Trekroner, on the outskirts of Roskilde (Denmark), the choice of appropriate materials played a key role. The façade materials were to have minimal environmental impact while being economically justified for the entire project’s budget. The project’s vision was to ensure the well-being of students living on the estate. Balancing high-quality ecological materials with the budget and design appearance is never easy, yet! The Lunawood Thermopine cladding board was chosen for the project, perfectly fitting the above criteria. Profiles 25×125 were used, and Bergsten Timber handled the comprehensive impregnation. Burnblock protection at class B-s1,d0 completed the project’s requirements.

Three new blocks with 46 student apartments were built, and the existing office building is being converted into 35 student apartments. The new houses are built on a plan of one and two-room homes with an area of 34 to 50 m². Green oases in the courtyards between the buildings are open and encourage mutual integration. Maintaining a friendly atmosphere is harmoniously reinforced by the thermally modified façade, which gracefully patinates in harmony with nature and the passage of time. The developer was KABI Enterprise, the general contractor was Boligselskabet Sjælland, and the project was jointly worked on by JJW Arkitekter, Sinuz, and AB Clausen. Year of construction: 2020.

We have everything documented

We asked Christian, among other things, how they acquired this and other projects from Bergsten Timber’s extensive portfolio. What makes customers stay with them longer despite the harsh market realities?

Full documentation goes hand in hand with full customer satisfaction. The high demand for project documentation makes people come back to us. Regardless of the project specifications, we make every effort to have everything in black and white. If something raises doubts — we start a dialogue. We openly discuss what will be the best solution for a given project. We don’t force anything or make empty promises just to close a one-time deal. We prefer to be partners rather than sellers. We prefer long-term relationships. Customers feel confident because of this. They sleep peacefully and eagerly come back with more projects.

A big help here is the Burnblock Knowledge Center, which supports us with expert advice and an information base at any time of the day or night. Paw (Paw Fælled, Senior Application Advisor at Burnblock) is a walking encyclopedia in the field of wood and impregnation. He explains everything clearly. We discover the cards together, and customers respect that. Many companies still keep their documents strictly confidential. We, on the other hand, share them. Time has shown that we benefit from this because we have the best documentation on the market.

says Christian Lyng

The companies Bergsten Timber and Lunawood have built a successful business that translates not only into profits but also long-term customer satisfaction. Universitetsparken in Roskilde and other projects involving their impregnated thermo wood are living examples of this. We are pleased that Burnblock has been appreciated in its homeland. We feel honored to work with people who have a similar hierarchy of values.

More information can be found at Bergsten Timber’s website

We are an enterprising company, characterised at heart by a pioneering spirit and the courage to follow new paths.
Wilders Plads 15C, 1403 Copenhagen K, Denmark

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