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Welcome, Mette!

Allow us to introduce Mette Jalving Lystlund, our exceptional Quality Manager. Mette became part of the Burnblock® family in November 2023, bringing with her a wealth of experience from her roles at Novozymes, Biogasol, the Danish Technological Institute (DTI), and more. We were overjoyed when she accepted the opportunity to join us, knowing full well the invaluable expertise she would bring to our team.

Mette’s proficiency lies in the art of fractionating biomass into value-added products, a skill set honed through extensive experience in laboratory work, pilot plant operations, and the upscaling of small-scale production plants. Her unwavering commitment to precision, coupled with her enthusiasm, skill, and initiative, shines through in every task she undertakes.

As our Quality Manager, Mette plays a pivotal role in ensuring the excellence of our products and digital platform in collaboration with our partners. Her responsibilities are diverse, ranging from relocating our mini autoclave from Jutland to overseeing the construction of our new pilot plant near our headquarters in Copenhagen.

Mette, it’s a pleasure to have you on board, and we’re excited to work alongside you.

We are an enterprising company, characterised at heart by a pioneering spirit and the courage to follow new paths.
Wilders Plads 15C, 1403 Copenhagen K, Denmark

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Pilot plant

Mose Alle 17A
DK-2610 Roedovre

Pilot plant delivery procedure

Please send test material specimens in agreed number and dimensions to:
Contact person for unloading:
Mette Jalving Lystlund
Opening hours:
According to agreement with
Mette Jalving Lystlund