Novawood – our new Partner

Exciting News! Burnblock®️ is delighted to introduce its latest partner, Novawood, hailing from Turkey. With 17 years of expertise in wood heat-modified products, Novawood operates in alignment with international standards and criteria, always seeking innovative solutions based on market demand. Committed to sustainability, Novawood carefully sources raw materials from forests and sustainable origins, playing a crucial role in environmental, social, and economic well-being.

Proudly contributing to forest sustainability and a clean environment, Novawood’s Thermowood products are manufactured naturally and chemical-free, approved by global administrations and adhering to established international standards. Novawood offers “green, renewable, sustainable, recyclable, versatile, and biodegradable” products to the woodworking, architectural, engineering, and construction communities.

This partnership emphasizes Burnblock’s dedication to advancing fire safety in the wood industry. Together with Novawood, we’re shaping a cleaner, greener future.