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Denmark set the direction

Denmark set the direction for possibilities for increasing wood in construction

The production of steel and concrete are more CO2 heavy than the production of wood based materials.

Using wood based materials for construction in stead of steel and concrete can generate significant reductions in the emission of Denmark‘s greenhouse gases.

By increasing the use of wood for several construction purposes the total energy consumption is reduced significantly – both in terms of new buildings, renovation and reconstruction.

Wood absorbs and stores CO2 while it grows and continuous to do so when it is converted into building materials.

The new think tank CHORA Connection will ensure increasing use of wood based materials in construction work and thus support UN’s 2015 goals for sustainable development.

We are an enterprising company, characterised at heart by a pioneering spirit and the courage to follow new paths.
Wilders Plads 15C, 1403 Copenhagen K, Denmark

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