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New PhD on board

For more than six years we had the pleasure of having Mayra Melián Rodriguez, PhD Chemical Engineering, on board. Mayra has helped us professionalize our chemical abilities and structures in various ways. Mayra has now found new challenges outside Burnblock® and we wish her all the best.

We are pleased to announce that we have found a successor, Mark Lawther, who has a high level of competence within among others the wood and wood fiber industry – and has been working with Burnblock® solutions already. So much that when we developed our solution for wood fiber boards in 2017, he was assisting us. On the photo you see Mayra and Mark sitting with a black MDF board signed with both their names from back then. Two other signatures on the board belong to Paw Fælled (Senior R&D Manager) and Jesper Henriksen (Sales Director).

Mark is a very experienced PhD Chemist and Biochemist and has achieved the position of Professor during academic times. Since 2001, he has worked mostly in the same industry (as a Research Manager, a Research Director, and a CEO), leading applied research teams in three dynamic SME’s. Mark has mainly worked on biomass valorization and on various aspects of wood modification, improvements in technology for wood-based panels and the like, with several publications and a wide network in these areas.

We are an enterprising company, characterised at heart by a pioneering spirit and the courage to follow new paths.
Wilders Plads 15C, 1403 Copenhagen K, Denmark

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