Hygroscopic test according to EN 16755

Burnblock is continuously working on documenting the performance characteristics of Burnblock and products impregnated with Burnblock.

 “fit for outside use without use of a coating

We can now provide you with reports stating that Cedar and Thermo Pine impregnated with Burnblock have passed the hygroscopic test according to EN 16755:2017 for DRF classes INT2 and EXT .The passed tests show no extractions of Burnblock on the surface of the tested species. This is also confirmed by the level of equilibrium moisture content, which is below the required max. 28%. The test confirms as of such that the two species impregnated with Burnblock can withstand high humidity measures and as of such is fit for outside use without use of a coating. Should a coating be requested it will not be impacted by extracted Burnblock.   Burnblock has previously documented  that Cedar and Thermo Pine impregnated with Burnblock keeps their fire properties (fire test according to ISO 5660-1) before and after ageing (according to EN 927-6).

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