A tour of references with Burnblock, Copenhagen

On Friday, August 19, 2022, we decided to go with the whole team for an unusual sightseeing tour of Copenhagen. We visited the most important places for us, i.e. the projects of our customers where Burnblock was used. It was amazing and exciting to see them live.

On our tour we visited:

  • Himmelbyen, Ørestad – small apartment block – Thermo Pine cladding
  • Royal Arena, Ørestad – multi-storey car park – Accoya ribbons – Fit for purpose
  • Copenhagen Towers, Ørestad – hotel and office building – Reclaimed pine / spruce with stain
  • Bella Teknik, Ørestad – exhibition and conference center – Thermo Pine ribbons – Fit for purpose
  • Sluseholmen, Kbh SV – housing estate – Thermo Pine ribbons
  • Planetariet, Kbh V – planetarium – Walnut ribbons – Fit for purpose
  • Hermods Gade, København N – student flats – Thermo ash – Fit for purpose
  • Herlev Hospital, Herlev – hospital – Birch plywood – Fit for purpose
  • Brønshøj Skole, Brønshøj – public school – Polish pine plywood + BB lacquer – Fit for purpose

Soon we will present more photos from these projects and describe them in more details, stay tuned.

We are extremely proud that our product and our work contribute to the improvement of the safety of many people who use such beautiful facilities.