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Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn, United Kingdom

Burnblock’s fire-retardant technology was applied to the refurbishment of Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The project, executed by WJ FireWright, involved using Burnblock-treated timber to enhance fire safety across the hospital’s premises. This initiative not only improved the building’s fire resistance but also adhered to stringent health and safety regulations, ensuring a safer environment for patients and staff. The treatment’s eco-friendly nature aligns with the hospital’s commitment to sustainability and safety.

Treating around 6m3 total, WJ FireWright enhanced the project’s safety standards without compromising design through natural, clear treatment solution impregnating the thermo pine cladding.

Customer The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn NHS Foundation Trust

Contractor Kingston Modular Systems

Impregnated by WJ FireWright

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Wilders Plads 15C, 1403 Copenhagen K, Denmark

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