Lethamhill Golf Course, Glasgow, Scotland

Lethamhill Golf Course and ‘Golf It!’ centre in Glasgow, Scotland, showcases Burnblock®-impregnated Thermopine® cladding for safety and aesthetics. Supplied by Russwood, the cladding adorns all external walls.

FireWright treated around 50 cubic meters of timber in three phases, ensuring a smooth construction process. Russwood’s high standards and trust in FireWright’s expertise highlight the project’s quality. WJ FireWright provides comprehensive documentation for traceability and compliance with UKCA/CE standards.

The toxic-free and made of 100% natural ingreddients Burnblock® treatment meets Euroclass B-s1,d0 standards. The community-focused ‘Golf It!’ centre caters to golfers of all levels, experiencing widespread popularity as a gateway into the sport.

Delivered by Russwood

Impregnated by WJ FireWright