Hermodsgade Youth Homes, Copenhagen, Denmark

The old factory building in Hermodsgade in Copenhagen was classified as a building worthy of preservation with cultural and historical value. The architect’ task has been to integrate the new into a continuation of the original structure- and this has been done by letting the building grow in height.

Now, close to Skjolds Plads metro station in Nørrebro, there are 189 youth homes. The curved forms of a conservation-worthy funk building are extended in height and form the outline of the extension architect has added. The transformation thus reinforces the concave street course in Hermodsgade.

It is covered in a thermo ash wood cladding with a tactile slatted structure that is Bs1,d0 fire retardant, thanks to Burnblock® impregnation by Nordisk Profil.

Location Copenhagen, Denmark

Delivered by Nordisk Profil A/S (Woodfac Panel system)

Architect Holscher Nordberg