Burnblock® Liquid

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Thomsens Brandteknik
Langagergyden 3,5792 Årslev, Fyn
+45 62 61 98 61


ul. Dworcowa 7/107, 87-100 Toruń
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Prodekor AB
Södra Hamngatan 35, 411 14 Göteborg
+46 031 40 69 40

The natural choice for fire protection

100% Natural Substances

Bunblock®’s ingredients can be found in nature and in the human body in their elemental form.

100% Biodegradable

Degrades naturally 100% with no adverse environmental effects.


None (0%) of the substances in Burnblock® are included in the REACH list of Substances of Very High concern – SVHC.


pH value is in the range to be considered neutral. Compatible with most glue and surface coatings systems.


No adverse effects have been shown of Burnblock® on metals after testing.

VOC Emission free

Burnblock® does not give any measurable VOC emissions.


  • BS EN 1021-1
  • BS EN 1021-2

Test method part 1

In Part 1 of the test a lighted cigarette is placed in the angle of the test rig and left to smolder along its entire length. After 60 minutes no smoldering or flaming of the fabric should be observed.

Test method part 2

Here a butane flame 35mm in height is used to represent a burning match and is applied for 15 seconds, again in the angle between the test rig base and back. After the flame is removed, no burning of fabric should occur after 2 minutes have elapsed.


Burnblock passed the tests.

Where to use?

Perfect solution for surface impregnation in hotels, schools, hospitals, theaters, outdoor, glamping and all public facilities where fire safety is mandatory. Burnblock works on any absorbing surface, leaving a colorless treatment that prevents spread of flame.

How to use?

Burnblock is very easy to apply on the absorbing surface. It has to be sprayed evenly until moist throughout. Repeat treatment after washing/cleaning.

How it works?