Royal Arena multi-storey car park, Copenhagen, Denmark

Royal Arena is Copenhagen’s multi-purpose arena that hosts sports, music and cultural events. With its scalable construction, it can accommodate up to 16000 guests and houses everything from grand concerts to world championships.

If you expect so many visitors, you also need to ensure an adequate number of parking spaces. That is why a multi-storey car park was built right next to the arena which helps to create green sustainable areas with a focus on health and a good urban and everyday life. The facade of the parking lot has been covered with wooden slats in accoya from Nordisk Profil A/S that are Burnblock® impregnated, fire-technical tested and approved.

Builder By & Havn

Delivered by Nordisk Profil A/S

Architect Sweco


General contractor 5E Byg A/S, 3XN/GXN