Puotila elementary school, Helsinki, Finland

An exhilarating and significant initiative in Finland! Puotila Elementary School has recently integrated cutting-edge natural wood panels from Aikkon®, incorporating Burnblock® impregnation for fire retardancy.

The architectural design of Puotila Elementary School reflects the expertise of its designers and the positive impact of adopting a life cycle model. The decision to use natural wood/timber panels perfectly aligns with Aikkon’s commitment to creating an environment that prioritizes the future, offering an optimal setting for the upcoming generations.

These panels not only emanate a natural aesthetic but also include top-notch fire resistance and noise cancellation features. This ensures that children are not only in a secure environment but are also shielded from the fatigue caused by excessive noise throughout the day.

Customer Puotilan ala-asteen school

Panels produced by Aikkon®

Architect Verstas Architects

Photos Aikkon®