Mental health building in Kristiansand, Norway

The goal of the project was for the new NPK building to be the one built in Norway that best facilitates future-oriented treatment services in mental health for adults and young people and a boost for mental health, and the contractor believes that they have achieved that.

Bare 3 AS has delivered Brann3 exterior cladding of Thermo Pine to this fantastic project. Nordic Swan ecolabelled Thermo Pine cladding is fire resistant thanks to Burnblock® which is environmentally friendly and is the natural choice when combining wood, environment and fire safety. The cladding also has documented fire resistance properties in accordance with EN16755.

Contractor Skanska
Client Helse Sør-Øst RHF
Architect Nordic Office of Architecture
Impregnated and delivered by Bare 3 AS
Photos from Byggeindustrien
Photographers Marcel Tiedje (Skanska), Hanne Cathrin Olsen (Skanska)