You recently received a sample of our Burnblock® product. Beware, this little bottle contains an immensely powerful fire retardant, but fear not – it is completely harmless to your health.

Check out some sample videos that illustrates in a straightforward way what Burnblock is capable of. We would like to inspire you to make your own experiments and share their results with us. Go for it and Burn it if you can!

Sample videos

Check out our sample videos illustrating how Burnblock® works.
As you can see, you do not need much, to have fun with experiments.

Upload your video on a cloud drive (WeTransfer, Dropbox, Onedrive, Mega, etc.) and share it with us using our e-mail.

If yor video is small snough you can send it directly.

By sending us your video, you agree that Bunrnblock Aps may use it for promotional and training purposes, on any platform, without copyright extensions.