Valhøj Skole, Rødovre, Greater Copenhagen, Denmark

Exciting news from Valhøj School! As the school gears up for significant growth, adding two new buildings and reshaping its organization, Burnblock® is proud to play a key role in ensuring safety for the students.

Valhøj School, accommodating kids from 6 to 16, is expanding in the outskirts of Copenhagen. Rødovre Kommune, the school’s owner, partnered with MATTERS designers, prioritizing harmony with nature in their plans. To minimize the carbon footprint, they’ve chosen Bronsø thermally treated wooden cladding from our partner a:gain for the new buildings’ facades.

This innovative material is upcycled from discarded wood, typically overlooked due to natural characteristics like knots. Here’s the exciting part – Burnblock fire retardant is impregnated into every board, ensuring not only sustainability but also enhanced safety for the children.

In a world where quality materials are often discarded for minor imperfections, Valhøj School is making a stand for sustainability. The wood, usually destined for waste management incineration, now contributes to the school’s eco-friendly expansion.

At Burnblock, we’re thrilled to be part of this journey, promoting safety and sustainability hand in hand.

Customer Rødovre Kommune

Contractor Lund Tømrer & Snedker

Consulting engineer Søren Jensen Rådgivende Ingeniører

Architect MATTERS

Cladding deliverd by a:gain

Photos a:gain