Secal Drying Kilns

We are cooperating with the Italian company SECAL.
Since 1990 is Secal leader manufacturer of drying systems exported all over the world.

A company since the beginning, recognized and appreciated for the quality of the productions, selection of materials, components and sale service assistance.

Due to our close cooperation, SECAL has developed a dedicated software to dry BURNBLOCK treated wood and wood components in the best way. 

SECAL systems’ market leadership is based on the advantages that make the difference:

·       Drying kilns made with our own exclusive aluminium profiles which provide maximum strenght and functionality.

·       Exclusive,entirely reversible, ventilation system which have now become the symbol and image of SECAL quality.

·       Exclusive heating ,humidity control, air exchange and humidification systems.

·       Automatic devices to carry out and control the drying process which are simple, functional and reliable, even in the most complex versions, and are always one step ahead of market requirements.

·       Personalized accessories and specific technical solutions for any requirement related to timber drying.