Corporate Social Responsibility

Burnblock’s commitment to sustainability and how we conduct ourselves in the marketplace

This includes respect for universally recognised principles on human rights, including labour rights, our responsibility to the environment and our approach to anti-corruption.

Therefore, we seek to ensure that our own employees and our suppliers operate in accordance with the aims and objectives contained in our CSR Policy.

It is imperative for our CSR Policy to be implemented and effective that we comply with all relevant legislation, regulations and standards, which we are subject to in the markets we work in. We also commit to respect and promote the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact and we are committed to make continuous improvements in our performance.

Human Rights

We will ensure the right to non-discrimination, equal rights and protection as well as honouring the rights of minorities. This applies to us and our suppliers, which are expected to conduct their business in accordance with internationally recognised human rights.

Employes and Working Conditions

We ensure our employees work in conditions in accordance with applicable legislation and collective agreements within our market. We do not discriminate based on age, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or political affiations. We respect an employee’s right to affiliation with a trade union or other associations, and do not attempt to influence an employee’s decision to become a member of a trade union. All employees are entitled to a minimum or living wage in accordance with international standards. We aim to secure a safe and healthy work environment and all of our buildings, facilities, offices, etc., are designed, constructed and used in such a way that they are safe and without risks to the health of the employees. We will recognize each other’s differences, qualifications and treat each other with courtesy and respect regardless of gender, ethnicity, political view, age and sexual orientation.

Environment and Hazardous Substances

We aim to demonstrate continuous improvements of the environmental effects of our operations, including production and the use and disposal of our products.

This applies for the surrounding areas, the work environment at our company facilities and the indoor climate where our products are used.

Due to the nature of our products, our employees’ do not need to work with hazardous substances.


We conduct business in an honest and ethical way. We therefore have zero tolerance for corruption, bribery and any non-ethical business behaviour. This applies to all employees and those who are affiliated with BURNBLOCK. Corruption is a form of dishonesty or criminal offense comitted by a person or organization entrusted with a position of authority, to acquire illicit benefit or abuse power for private or corporate gain. Bribery is to offer a payment, inducement or reward to entice or convince another to carry out a service that he or she should not. BURNBLOCK does not condone or take part in such activities. As such, facilitation payments – easing the process of a service that we as the payer are legally entitled to – are forbidden.

Communities and Consumer Interests

We work with a natural and non-toxic fire retardant and our vision is to protect the world for the benefit of its people and the planet.

BURNBLOCK engages in projects to enable sustainable fire-retardant constructions.

We aim to ensure sustainable production and consumption through best practices and recognized certification. Burnblock ensures via audits that verified end-use solutions using BURNBLOCK products  are produced accordingly.


We treat all of our customers and partners with respect and trust.


What we say is what we can document – and we are clear and open about what we cannot document.


We encourage all of our customers and partners to seek recognized certification and documentation for claims made by us and our competitors.


We attract customers based on our reputation and the quality, reliability and value of our products and services, not by criticizing or undermining our competitors or their products and services.