Advisory Board

We are proud to announce the establishment of an advisory board consisting of four leaders who bring significant international experience, insights and ideas that will help us grow and reach new markets in Europe and around the world.

Burnblock Advisory Board

Torben Kjær

Experienced CIO with a strong international track record of delivering digital transformation, innovation and IT leadership within large international companies. He was awarded ”CIO of the year 2017”. He is also an active board member in two other growth companies.

Mark Renouf

Former BBC journalist who is now International Director at the Danish communications agency, Oxymoron Communications. Before coming to Denmark in 2014, Mark was a partner in Canada’s largest public relations firm, NATIONAL Public Relations.  Mark brings with him broad international experience across numerous sectors in strategic communication, media relations, crisis and issues management, government relations and leadership coaching and training.

Annette Otto

Her career has primarily been in HR, but her commercial background has helped her to develop a deep understanding of how HR can best contribute to creating results at the operational and – more importantly – the strategic level. Annette’s experience spans a number of diverse industries, including building components. Atea’s HR department – headed by Annette – was awarded the “DANSK HR’s HR Prize 2019”. She is also an active board member in other companies.

Stig W. Jensen

Experienced leader who has held a number of senior positions with production companies internationally. Stig’s approach has helped drive performance in numerous industries by implementing strategies and best-practice initiatives that focus on integrating employees by building respect and trust across departments and locations, creating an open and transparent environment that improves business results significantly. Stig is also an active board member in other companies.