Impregnation of wood is classified as diffusive, capillary, or hydrostatic (pressure treatment), depending on the physical phenomena involved in the process. Diffusive impregnation is based on the diffusive migration of impregnants through the moisture-filled capillaries; only water-soluble impregnants are suitable for this method. In capillary impregnation, the impregnating fluid migrates through the capillaries in the wood under capillary pressure.

Custom Solutions

We use updated and modern production equipment, hereby guaranteeing a competitive product and a strong logistic setup. Burnblock is certified according to the most strict market demands, e.g. a SP 105 Fire certification from SP in Sweden, which enables Burnblock to be applied when fire proofing wooden construction surfaces in all kinds of commercial and residential buildings.

We produce at Eurex in Poland.

Burnblock Supervision

Burnblock production managers supervise the process from start to finish …
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