The products has been thoroughly tested by the Danish Technological Institute, which has declared the product completely harmless for humans, animals and the environment. Burnblock is more than just an effective fire retardant – we keep people safe.

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Wood Products

EuroClass EN13501-1:2007+A1:2009

EuroClass EN13501-2

EuroClass EN13823 (SBI)

Single Burning Item test EN 13823. The SBI test is a relatively new fire test method developed specially for the Euroclass system. The test is based on a fire scenario of a single burning item, e.g. a wastebasket, located in a corner between two walls covered with the lining material to be tested. The SBI test is used for construction products excluding floorings.

The SBI test was developed by a group of European fire laboratories on the basis of the specifications defined by a group of European fire regulators. The development work included the design of a prototype, the installation of test facilities, the determination of the accuracy of the method, and the production of data needed to finalise the classification system.

Euroclass EN 14135

SP105 Fire (<80kW/m2)

Burnblock products are approved for fire protection of cladding for all kinds of commercial and residential buildings (SP 105 Fire).

ISO 5660

ISO 5660-1 & 2 – Cone calorimeter, heat release and smoke production.

The test method is used for fire technical modelling. The data from the test results can be used for modelling bigger fires

NT Fire 054

Durability of reaction to fire – performance: Classes of fire-retardant treated wood-based products in interior and exterior end use applications (NT FIRE 054)
This document prescribes the classification requirements for the durability of the reaction to fire performance of fire-retardant treated wood-based products to be used in interior and/or exterior end use conditions.

NT Fire 053

Accelerated weathering of fire-Retardant treated wood for fire testing (NT FIRE 053)

The durability of a fire-retardant treatment of wood under exposure to accelerated weathering is covered by this standard. It is intended for fire-retardant treatment of wood by pressure impregnation, rather than simply by surface coating.

Textiles & Fabrics

Certificates of Flame Retardancy

Öeko-Tex® Standard 100

Certification issued in 2012 – product’s non-harmfulness in contact with humans .


Biodegradation tests are used to determine the biodegradability of products in a given environment.

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