Active Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting

Burnblock is a highly effective firefighting product. When dissolved in water,
it can make fire suppression extremely effective because Burnblock
blocks the supply of oxygen to the burning material, thus extinguishing
the fire and preventing re-ignition.

Burnblock is easy and safe to use and does not require the use of
protective gear. And moisture removal after a fire has been extinguished is,
all things considered, not necessary either. The Danish fire brigade has
also discovered Burnblock. Several Danish fire engines are already
equipped with Burnblock.

Burnblock is available in the form that best suits your needs. Burnblock can be employed in extremely fire-ravaged countries, where the product can be used to establish fire belts without leaving a toxic footprint in nature, making the product an optimal solution for arial fire fighting.

Fire Extinguisher

Burnblock unique fire extinguishing capabilities is certified for –Class 55A +40 F and 34A + 183B + 25F

Pressurized Cylinders

Burnblock has achieved high fire extinguisher numbers in fire class A&B (fire in solid materials such as wood, textiles, paper etc. and oil), which makes the pressurized extinguisher perfect for use in offices, industrial kitchens, canteens hotels, schools, public areas etc.
Using Burnblock makes the suppression work more effective and conserves water – making it also economical. Burnblock can be used by existing extinguishing material without making major changes to the equipment.

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