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Technical Assistance & Enquiries

Burnblock helps ensure that everyone in the industry has access to our know-how and research on effective fire prevention. We make this a priority because we want to take active responsibility for finding the best solutions to protect valuables and, more importantly, human lives – and doing so requires more than just a business as usual attitude.

Production Management Supervision

Burnblock is not just a product – it is a solution. We will assist and support in any way to secure a smooth adaption and provide a manufacturer’s manual detailing just how simple it is to use Burnblock.

Burnblock is not at risk of being banned by legal restrictions on use of toxic chemicals as it is the case for conventional toxic fire retardants. When you are using Burnblock you are not at risk of being forced to change your fire retardant supplier at an inconvenient point in time.

Customer Workshops & Education

It requires continuous research and education on how we as a society can protect ourselves from fire, without damaging our health or the environment.

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